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Tungstène Luminaires Créatifs is a manufacturing company that specializes in creating and producing lighting fixtures. We offer a wide range of locally-made creative products that are "ready to be modified". We also provide fully customized project design services at a small and large scale. Customized lighting include a wide range of ceiling lights, pendant lights, table and floor lamps, goosenecks and wall appliqués. Local creations are made with carefully selected high quality materials such as brass, wood, marble and aluminum. Our glazed and cured paints come in original and bold colors. LED lighting completes the product.

Share your ideas to adapt your lighting to your style. In less than 4 weeks you will have accessible and high quality lighting to brighten up your home or your urban development project; whether it be a restaurant, a lounge bar or a café, a hotel or a library, a chain of stores or a shop. Just imagine!

Luminaire Tungstène - L'entreprise

Tungstène stands out!

On June 8th, Tungsten was honored at the Business Succession Grand Prix of the Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec (RJCCQ). This prominent event highlights and celebrates the achievements, creativity and audacity of young entrepreneurs and professionals across Quebec. Our achievements and our sense of innovation have allowed us to stand out among five finalists in the SME - Retail category.

Some wonderful recognition!

In June 2017, Tungstène made a name for itself at the 19th edition of the National Gala “OSEntreprendre” Challenge, a major competition held in 17 regions of Quebec. We won the 2nd prize in the “Exploitation, Transformation, Production” category. Representing the Montérégie region and being one of the 99 projects throughout the province, only 15 finalists competed for the final. Tungsten received this award with great pride and a growing desire to innovate!


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