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Tungstene is a Montreal-based studio specializing in the design and production of creative and sustainable handcrafted lighting fixtures.

The company offers a wide range of adjustable products, including: ceiling lights, pendant lights, table and floor lamps, goosenecks and wall lamps.

With our custom lighting design service, we can create the perfect lighting to enhance the unique character of any project, large or small.

Grand Théatre de QuébecCrédit photos: Dave Tremblay, 1Px photographie / Design: Étienne Bernier Achitecture / Hatem+D

Evelyne Musanirirenga

Administrative assistant and customer service manager

An important ally, Evelyne Mufanrirenga, has been part of the team since 2019. In addition to several years of experience as an administrative assistant, Evelyne is trained as an SME and PMI management assistant. Head of the customer service, this human resource passionate guides customers searching for the lighting of their dreams with professionalism and kindness.

Jani Thibeault

Founder and president

A pillar in our team, Jani Thibeault, has a rich and prolific entrepreneurial career in the manufacturing field. As an experienced executive, she shines forth through her energy, boldness and above all, her natural and unifying leadership skills.

Jani’s entrepreneurial spark is nothing new; she is immersed at a young age in her father’s business, specializing in stove and fireplace manufacturing. Being the youngest child in an all-boys family, she quickly feels drawn into leading the family business. Determined to bring new light to the company, she defies all stereotypes and quickly asserts herself in this predominantly male manufacturing environment.

Daring by nature, she sells the thriving family business founded by her father in 1972 and co-founds in 2016, Tungstene Creative Lighting. Jani Thibeault, a strong-minded woman, now works with North America’s most influential designers and artisans to create innovative, high-quality lighting.

Bing Liu

Development engineer

Bing Xia Liu is in charge of optimizing Tungstene luminaires’ development since 2019. From the designing stage to the installation, every detail is scrutinized by his watchful and meticulous eye. Trained in industrial design, he also assists designers and architects in realizing their customized lighting concepts. Large-scale special orders leave him fearless!


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